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    November 14-18, 2018
    State Fair Park -- Kay Rodgers Park - Expo center
    4400 Midland Boulevard, Fort Smith, AR
    Superintendent: Roy Jones

    National Specialty Committee & Chairs
    East Coast
    Wendy Archinal
    Nancy Morabito
    Kristyn Stout
    East Central
    Kassie Hamaker
    Aaron Goldfinger
    Geri Clements
    Bryce Novotny
    Dawn Droel
    Colleen Walsh
    Andi Christensen
    Rose Leale
    Sara Taylor
    West Coast
    Mary Brown
    Nancy Hewitt
    Diane Kroll

    National Specialty Chair: Emmy Wollenburg, 608-843-8434
    Obedience & Rally Chair: Teresa Armstrong
    Agility Chair: Amanda McGavin
    Top 20 Chair(s): Terry Hilliard
    Vendor Chair: Nancy Clendenen
    Apparel Chair: Bryce Novotny
    Trophy Chair: Andi Christensen
    Silent Action: Kassie Hamaker & Laurie O'Donnell
    Show Raffle Coordinator: Jacqui Campbell
    Equipment and Set Up/Grounds Chair: Tony Morabito
    Chief Ring Steward: Dianne Kroll

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