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Upcoming Regional Field Trial Schedule
(w) - indicates Walking trial
(#) - indicates additional date of weekend event
* - includes Hour Gun Dog stake, ** - includes Hour All-Age stake
*Cx - indicates Cancelled
AKC Field Trials subject to AKC approval.
Field Trial Dates Committee
Steve Ralph
East Coast
Bruce Conover
East Central
Wade Haines
Burton Wice
Jim Crawford
West Coast
Larry Sandusky
Date East Coast East Central Central Midwest West Coast
Jan 4-5         Sahuaro(3)
Jan 6-7 Western Brittany Open All-Age Ch - Greater Phoenix (Las Cienegas Resource Area, Empire Ranch, Sonita, AZ)
Jan 12-13 ABC Futurity (Eastern Region) - Host club: Mid-Florida
  Show: January 12 @ Perry Plantation, Gainesville, FL
  Field: January 13 @ Perry Plantation, Gainesville, FL
Jan 11-12 Tarheel(13)
    Ft. Worth(10)
Texas Coastal(13-15)
Gr. Phoenix(8)
Jan 18-19 Southeastern(16)*     Alamo(17) Gr. Canyon*Cx
Jan 21-26 ABC Illinois Brittany Cl/Ch (AAA, OD, GOLAA) (Pyramid State Park, Pinckneyville, IL)
Jan 21-27 Southern Open Brittany OAA Ch & Region III AAA Ch - Georgia (DiLane Plantation, Waynesboro, GA)
Jan 24-27 Region 8 AAA Ch (Dub Emde Challenge) - Northern Oklahoma (Lake Murray FTA, Ardmore, OK)
Jan 25-26   Georgia(22-27)*/**   C. New Mexico(24)
No. Oklahoma(24-27)

Jan 29-31 ABC Southern Open Brittany Shooting Dog Cl/Ch - Georgia & SOB (Red Pebble Plantation, Rebecca,GA)
Feb 1-2   Bama Gr. St. Louis(28-5)*/** Lone Star(30-6) San Diego*Cx
Feb 3-6 Texas Open Brittany Ch & Derby Cl - Lone Star (Lake Murray FTA, Ardmore, OK)
Feb 8-9 N. Virginia(6)   Ozark
Gr. St. Louis(w)
Feb 11-13 Tarheel Gun Dog Cl/Ch (Dick Cross WMA, South Hill, VA)
Feb 12-14 Mid-South Brittany Cl/Ch - Illinois (Pyramid State Park, Pinckneyville, IL)*Cx
Feb 15-16 Tarheel(11)
  Illinois(12-18)*Cx W. Texas(13)  
Feb 15-18 Lee Holman Cl - Illinois (Pyramid State Park, Pinckneyville, IL)*Cx
Feb 21-Mar 1 ABC Prairie State Cl/Ch (GOLAA, GALAA, GOLGD, OD) (Sportsman's Assoc. Grounds, Grovespring, MO)
Feb 22-23 Tidewater*Cx     Indian Nations(21)  
Feb 27-Mar 1 Region 7 Texas AAA Ch - Sooner (Lake Murray FTA, Ardmore, OK)
Feb 29-1   Music City   Sooner(27)  
Mar 2-8 US Open Brittany Ch & Victoire Nationale Derby Ch (Lake Murray FTA, Ardmore, OK)
Mar 7-8   Buckeye Heart of Illinois(w) Skyline(9)** No. California*Cx
Mar 13-15 Region 17 Amateur All Age Ch - Southern Kansas (Oliver Ranch, Eureka, KS)
Mar 12-15 Region 4 AAA Ch - Ohio (Tri Valley FT Grounds, Dresden, OH)
Mar 14-15   Ohio Iowa(w) So. Kansas(13)  
Mar 16-21 ABC International GOLAA, GOLGD, GALAA, OD Cl/Ch (Mingo Sportsman Club, Bloomingdale, OH)
Mar 20-21 ABC Grouse & Woodcock Classic (Arcadia Management Area, Route 165, Exeter, RI) - Host: NEBCA *Cancelled
Mar 22-23 ABC New England Grouse & Woodcock Cl/Ch (Arcadia Management Area, Route 165, Exeter, RI) - Host: NEBCA *Cancelled
Mar 21-22     Heart of Illinois*Cx Midwest(20)  
Mar 22-25 ABC Pennsylvania Shooting Dog & Derby Classics (Mingo Sportsman Club, Bloomingdale, OH)
Mar 28-29   W. Michigan*Cx LaSalle*Cx
Mar 30-Apr 3 ABC Michigan Cl/Ch (GOLAA, GOLGD, GAWGD, OD) (Ionia, MI) *Cancelled
Apr 1-2 Western Brittany Shooting Dog Ch - Oregon (Boyce Corral, Madras, OR) *Cancelled
April 2-3 ABC Futurity (Western Region) - Host club: Oregon *Cancelled, to be rescheduled
  Show: April 2 @ Erickson Aircraft Museum, Madras, Oregon
  Field: April 3 @ Boyce Corral, Madras, Oregon
April 2-3 ABC Futurity (Central Region) - Host club: Minnesota *Cancelled, to be rescheduled
  Field: April 2 @ Union County Bird Dog Ranch, Thayer, Iowa
  Show: April 3 @ Union County Fairgrounds, Afton, Iowa
Apr 4-5 N. Jersey*Cx Michigan*Cx Iowa*Cx C. New Mexico(w)*Cx Oregon*Cx
Apr 6-8 Region 2 Brittany Delaware Valley Champagne Shooting Dog Ch/Cl - North Jersey *Cancelled
Apr 6-9 Ed Powell Memorial Shooting Dog Ch (GOLGD) - Iowa (Union County Bird Dog Ranch, Thayer, Iowa) *Cancelled
Apr 11-12 C. New England(w)*Cx Kentucky Gr. Milwaukee*Cx Nebraska*Cx Wasatch Front*Cx
Whid Isle*Cx
Inland Empire*Cx
Apr 13-16 Nebraska All-Age Ch - Nebraska (Branched Oak DTA, Raymond, NE) *Cancelled
Apr 18-19 S. New England*Cx Niagara Frontier Badger*Cx Mo-Valley*Cx Washington*Cx
Apr 20-23 Mid America Brittany Ch - Missouri Valley (Branched Oak DTA, Raymond, NE) *Cancelled
Apr 25-26 Del-Val*Cx
Pennsylvania(w)*Cx Hawkeye*Cx
No. Colorado Idaho*Cx
May 2-3 C. New England(1) Pennsylvania St Croix*Cx   Wasatch Front(1)
May 4-7 ABC Gun Dog Classic (Union County Bird Dog Ranch, Thayer, IA) - Host: Hawkeye*Cx
May 9-10 E./S. New England*Cx   Hawkeye(8)*Cx Skyline(w) Oregon(w)*Cx
May 16-17 Anthracite*Cx
N. New England
Michigan Saginaw*Cx Gr. Milwaukee*Cx    
May 23-24 Central Maine(w)*Cx   Minnesota(25)    
May 30-31     Minnesota(w)(29)
St Croix(w)(31)*Cx
Jun 6-7     Badger*Cx   Oregon(w)
Jun 13-14          

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