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  • ABC Judges Education Presentation
  • Committee
  • Presentation (Field Trial)
  • Presentation (Field Video)
  • Presentation (Meet The Breed)
  • Presentation Script
  • Presentation Questionnaire
  • Ringside Observation Form

  • Judge's Education Mentoring
  • Mentoring - List
  • Mentoring - Criteria
  • Mentoring - Application

  • Judge's Education Articles
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  • A Bit of a Sticky Wicket
  • A Natural Dog, D Macdonald
  • ABC Code of Ethics
  • ABC Illustrated Standard
  • Attempting To Show A Field Dog, Joan Donnell
  • Brittany Breed Standard.pdf
  • Brittany Heads, D Macdonald
  • Brittany or Epagneul Breton, D Macdonald
  • Brittany Standard with comment by Dorothy Macdonald
  • Brittany, The Dual Dog
  • Brittany, The Facts About the Breed
  • Brittany Judging Simplified, Diana Kubitz
  • Brittanys & The Pet Peeves of JEC
  • Brittanys Why, D Macdonald
  • Color & the Brittany, ABC Magazine
  • Criteria_Seminars_Workshops
  • Dual Brittanys, Back to the Future, Jodi & Hal Engel
  • Grooming Your Brittany For Show
  • History of the Brittany
  • Introduction to Articles
  • Is the Brittany A Dual Purpose Dog, Truex 1955
  • Judging The Brittany, Diana Kubitz
  • Judging the Brittany, Dorothy Macdonald
  • Not Really A Spaniel, Dianne Kroll
  • Presentation of a Brittany, D Macdonald
  • Speed is Not Reach & Drive, D Macdonald
  • Tribute to A Brittany, T & W Carter
  • True Measurement or Wicket Tyranny by D Macdonald & J Engel
  • Why The Stand Out Best Dog Can Be A Loser, E K Gammill
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