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    National Champion
    NGDC DC GFC RFC RAFC AFC Tequila Chica Bonita

    National Amateur Champion
    DC GFC3 RFC4 Bamajama Willy's Sassy Sadie

    ABC National All-Age Championships

    A primary function of the American Brittany Club is the running of the Nationals. Here the best dogs in the nation contend for the honor of AKC title of National Champion. The qualifications for entry and national participation make this the "World Series" for Brittanys.   

    The ABC held trials exclusively for Brittanys in 1942, 1943 and 1944 but they were not designated as Nationals. The 1943 trial was the first to be licensed by the AKC and the first to include the Specialty Show as a feature. The 1944 ABC trial has been recognized by many people as the "first" National.

    The first trials consisted of a Puppy, Derby and Open All-Age Stakes. In 1951 the first Amateur Stake was added. The Futurity was incorporated and the Open All-Age increased to one hour heats. Later the puppy and derby stakes were dropped. The puppy because of lack of time and derby because it consisted of the same dogs that made up the Futurity.

    In 1957 the AKC established qualifications and recognized the Open All-Age as a Championship. The qualifications have become more stringent over the years in an effort to keep the entries limited to the top dogs in the nation. Subsequently the American Field title was awarded to all winners through 1962. 

    The first trials, all half hour heats over one course, rotated among various locations in Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey and Indiana and settled permanently at Crab Orchard Wildlife Reserve near Carbondale, IL, in 1950. The continuous courses on native Bobwhite Quail at Crab Orchard provided a true test for the hunting dog and in 1951 the heats were changed from one half hour to one hour and emphasized the necessity for developing a hunting dog with endurance and stamina.

    The Crab Orchard site remained home for the Nationals until 1967 when the deer problem forced the club to search for new courses. In 1968 the Nationals were held at Ardmore, Oklahoma; 1969 and 1970 Paducah, KY as the locale. From 1971 through 1974, the Nationals rotated between Ardmore and Paducah. Conway, Arkansas was the site of the 1975 running and from 1976 thru 1979, the Nationals returned to Ardmore. The 1980 Nationals first tried the new grounds at Rend Lake, Illinois, and 1981 saw a return to Conway. In 1981 the ABC Board of Directors voted to establish a rotation between Rend Lake and Ardmore commencing with the 1982 running.

    It had long been the dream of the ABC to find permanent grounds for the Nationals. In 1986, Lloyd Manck proposed we move the Nationals to new grounds in Booneville, Arkansas. This proposal was accompanied by an invitation from the Governor of Arkansas and the Board voted for the move. In 1987, the Nationals were held for the first time in Booneville where they continue to this day to run. 

    In 1977, the ABC Board voted to petition the AKC to bestow the title "Field Champion" to the winner of the National Championship if the winner did not already hold such title or the win did not complete the established point schedule. At the September 1978 Delegates meeting, the request was approved and made effective immediately. 

    Multiple National winners include; 2xNFC Ban-Dee, 2xNFC Diamond Hill Dan, 1xNFC & 1xNAFC Glade Run Irish, 2xNAFC Gringo de Britt, 2xNAFC Hello Dolly-Miss Kaer, 2xNAFC Hi-Spirit Buck, 1xNFC & 2xNAFC Just Call Me Roy, 2xNAFC Maxwell's Blew By You II, 1xNFC & 1xNAFC Perry's Rustic Prince, 2xABC Pontac's Dingo, 1xNFC & 1xABC Rendezvous Skipper, 2xNAFC Ru-Jem's "Last" Penny, 2xABC Tess of Chippewa, 2xNFC & 1xABC Towsey, 2xNFC Uncle Kracker.  

    National Champions
    Year (dogs)   Champion Owner Handler
    2023 (45) NGDC DC GFC RFC RAFC AFC Tequila Chica BonitaM. & R. BeaverRichard Beaver
    2022 (46) NAGDC FC AFC B&T's Sonndance Kid RockT. FowlerScott Johnson
    2021 (59) GFC/GAFC CVK's Spartan KingJ. Alexander & R. RankinTom Tracy Jr.
    2020 (61) FC Roustabout All InB. AckermanTom Tracy Jr.
    2019 (57) FC/AFC Wild Wild WillieS. CosgriffEd Tillson
    2018 (47) FC/AFC Ss Rig's Colorado Gun RunnerT.&L. MilamTom Milam
    2017 (54) NAFC/FC/AFC Glade Run IrishD. WebbTom Tracy Jr.
    2016 (42) FC Roustabout's Flat OutJ. McGeeTom Tracy Jr.
    2015 (61) NFC/GFC/AFC Uncle KrackerB. AckermanTom Tracy Jr.
    2014 (52) GFC Uncle KrackerB. AckermanTom Tracy Jr.
    2013 (65) FC Sparky's Prairie Wind GypsyB. Koepke & K. FujikawaJim John
    2012 (69) FC Savannah's Hot ShotS. HudsonBen Lorenson
    2011 (74) FC Piney Run ArtM. GreenleeBen Lorenson
    2010 (48) DC/AFC Ru-Jem's A Touch Of BourbonR.&J. McGeeJerry McGee
    2009 (57) Primetime Outlaw JohnnyH. ReaJustin Kalina
    2008 (65) FC Rebel Jac's A Hammerin DandyR. HarlingChad Holman
    2007 (70) FC/AFC Lane's End We-Be CleanT.&J. RobinChad Holman
    2006 (49) DC/AFC Shady's Tia Maria C.&M. LittleJim Berneathy
    2005 (63) NAFC/FC/AFC Just Call Me Roy T. EttingerBen Lorenson
    2004 (46) NFC/FC/AFC Diamond Hill Dan P. PollockJohn Kline
    2003 (46) FC/AFC Farther Out Ace D. CapstickChad Holman
    2002 (72) DC/AFC Micro Chips Of Nutmeg M.Horstmeyer/T.WhitePaul Doiron
    2001 (78) FC/AFC Shambo’s Dark Shadow P. DangerfieldJim John
    2000 (93) FC Diamond Hill Dan S. GlassJohn Kline
    1999 (89) FC/AFC Lobo’s Klickitat County Line D. McCallisterTom Tracy Jr.
    1998 (89) DC/AFC Gamblers Ace In The Hole E.&D. JanulisChad Holman
    1997 (89) FC Tequila's Joker E. TillsonJim John
    1996 (79) FC Rebel Jac's Hammering Hank R. HarlingChad Holman
    1995 (75) Rambling Rose VIII C.M. MitchellRob Rohner
    1994 (78) FC Microdot W.&M. OliverLyle Johnson
    1993 (68) FC Highbrow's Red E.&L. FacerBob Youngs
    1992 (67) FC/AFC Aux-Arc's Mark F.&D. PrideKraig Staton
    1991 (66) FC/AFC Hi Proof Rum Runner J.&B. DohertyDave Walker
    1990 (82) FC/AFC Bernie Of The Briarpatch D. AyersKraig Staton
    1989 (78) FC Rimarda's Gambler H. WilsonChad Holman
    1988 (91) FC Country Cousin's Lone River J. ThompsonCliff Boggs
    1987 (87) FC Minnehaha's Tammy B. RankinLyle Johnson
    1986 (85) DC Markar's Jac's A Dan D B. WeiszJim Holman
    1985 (79) Franklin County Bandit M.J. WirthJim Holman
    1984 (79) FC Brought-Mars Jazz De Campo S.&K. RuskeMarc Appleton
    1983 (81) FC Beans Blaze J. RobinsonDave Walker
    1982 (93) FC/AFC Jumpin' Jack Flash II B.&R. WoelmJack Brooks
    1981 (98) DC Tomar's Ban-Dee Sam T.M. CullenDave Walker
    1980 (99) DC/AFC Cinnabar's Ami Roc De'edwards C. AlffCharles Alff
    1979 (99) Way Kan Feeling Free D.W. DawsonLyle Johnson
    1978 (87) DC/AFC Perry's Rustic Prince L. MayRick Smith
    1977 (84) Casey's Chikamin R. DonnellJack Brooks
    1976 (75) FC Senator T J F. NorrisRick Smith
    1975 (80) DC/AFC Chipp Britt Jill L.&E. ConableJim Holman
    1974 (74) NFC/DC/AFC Ban-Dee W. OliverLoyd Budd
    1973 (65) FC Ban-Dee W. OliverLoyd Budd
    1972 (67) Kipp's Trooper Rochambeau T. TivnanLoyd Budd
    1971 (67) DC Pacolet Cheyenne Sam K. JacobsonRick Smith
    1970 (62) FC Augustus of Rivers J. WhiteJim Holman
    1969 (86) Way-Kan Fritts T. PolingLyle Johnson
    1968 (60) FC Goldtone's Duke G. PesterLoyd Budd
    1967 (60) DC Colorado's Yankee Timber L. RuizLucas Ruiz
    1966 (60) Bazooka's Brandy A. PillowDelmar Smith
    1965 (48) FC Rendezvous Skipper L.D. LaFleurL.D. LaFleur
    1964 (65) FC Shenango Valley Dingo R.L. SegerLee Holman
    1963 (69) FC Crab Orchard Duke T. TrimbleRay Trimble
    1962 (56) Miller's Desert Dust L. MillerRichard Sweet
    1961 (45) FC Yankee Boy's Tommy J.A. CostelowRalph Hesseltine
    1960 (47) FC Holliday Britt J.T. CahillDelmar Smith
    1959 (42) NFC/DC Towsey T. BlackDelmar Smith
    1958 (34) FC Hellou's Yankee Timber B. NeilbergerRalph Hesseltine
    1957 (39) DC Towsey T. BlackDelmar Smith
    Winners ABC Open All-Age
    1956 (55) Jeffrey of Argard L. MagnusonJess Hayslip
    1955 (55) Towsey T. BlackDelmar Smith
    1954 (33) FC Miste de Klemanor W. KleemanTom Cox
    1953 (43) Tennessee Luke H. ClementsHoward Clements
    1952 (39) DC Pontac's Dingo H. CrippenJane Thompson
    1951 (32) FC Pontac's Dingo H. CrippenJane Thompson
    1950 (23) Butch's Lad E.D. WatermanE.D. Waterman
    1949 (32) Jersey Jeff J.F. WeisertJ.F. Weisert
    1948 (30) Bonaire Bob R.H. CribbsTom Cox
    1947 (38) Allamuch Valley Addie A. StyvesantTom Cox
    1946 (11) Tess of Chippewa H. PetersonH. Peterson
    1945 ( 7) Britt of Bellows Falls A.H. AdyA.H. Ady
    1944 (21) Tess of Chippewa H. PetersonH. Peterson
    1943 (16) Aotrou MacEodaidh A.H. AdyA.H. Ady

    National Amateur Champions

    Year (dogs)   Champion Owner Handler
    2023 (27) DC GFC3 RFC4 Bamajama Willy's Sassy SadieB.&W. PepinWayne Pepin
    2022 (24) NAFC FC AFC Piney Run Hilltop BlewK. PattersonKent Patterson
    2021 (43) Piney Run Hilltop BlewK. PattersonKent Patterson
    2020 (43) FC Blew Me AwayN.&T. AhlJoe Gower
    2019 (46) NAFC/GFC/GAFC Ru-Jem's "Last" PennyR.&J. McGeeSteve Ralph
    2018 (45) GAFC/FC Anj's Ohio HellionM. PoehlerMike Poehler
    2017 (39) GFC/AFC Ru-Jem's "Last " PennyR.&J. McGeeSteve Ralph
    2016 (44) FC/AFC Glade Run IrishD. WebbTommy Thomas
    2015 (40) FC/AFC Spanish Corral's Sonny PatchJ. GowerJoe Gower
    2014 (32) FC/AFC TLM Frequent FlyerH. Gerardy, T.&L. MilamTom Milam
    2013 (43) Wimberley Rowdy Bo-DandyJ.&G. GayDavid Lincoln
    2012 (40) DC/AFC MTB Cabo Rita De ScipioT. White & M. HorstmeyerTom White
    2011 (43) Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid J. GowerJoe Gower
    2010 (47) NAFC/FC/AFC Maxwell's Blew By You II T. MaxwellTerry Maxwell
    2009 (54) FC/AFC TM's Tennessee Twister B. Caviness/L. Pollock Lisa Pollock
    2008 (46) FC Maxwell's Blew By You II T. MaxwellTerry Maxwell
    2007 (68) FC/AFC Maxwell's White Spirit K. PattersonKent Patterson
    2006 (61) NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Just Call Me Roy T. EttingerKent Patterson
    2005 (50) Tequila Jack II B. Rankin/E. TillsonEd Tillson
    2004 (48) FC Just Call Me Roy T. EttingerKen Cherry
    2003 (48) FC/AFC Pride and Joy's Bunch of Annie F.&D. PrideFrank Pride
    2002 (54) FC/AFC Pistol Pack'n Walker R. ZookKen Cherry
    2001 (66) FC/AFC Leas Running Jay Hawk B.&R. AckermanBo Ackerman
    2000 (88) FC Piney Run Sam M. GreenleeKen Cherry
    1999 (77) Hanging Jaze Hardtack Mack J.&J. SchroderJake Schroder
    1998 (60) FC Rebel's Tough is Tyrone M. Nelson/G. SavageGreg Savage
    1997 (79) FC Walker's Gunner J. KendrickJerry Kendrick
    1996 (60) FC Allmac's Dark Smoke Di-Na-Mo D.&D. StobleJames Doherty
    1995 (58) FC Jim De Bob's Sparks A Dan D C. CrainCharles Crain
    1994 (52) FC Magnums Lit'l Buzzsaw J. McCoyJerry McCoy
    1993 (52) DC/AFC Ojibwa's DLD Bandit P.&P. KatzelPaul Katzel
    1992 (47) DC/AFC Renegade's Kansas Kid D. KubitzDiana Kubitz
    1991 (56) FC/AFC Jake's Son of a Gun Runner J. SchroderJake Schroder
    1990 (61) FC/AFC Sir Duke Mustachio E. DavisEvert Davis
    1989 (51) FC/AFC Amigo of Aztlan B. WoodruffBrad Woodruff
    1988 (47) DC/AFC Lobo's Cotton Candy B.&L. LanhamBob Lanham
    1987 (55) FC/AFC Scott's Gingerbread Lady S. HovenScott Hoven
    1986 (58) Crab Orchard Jet R. TrimbleRay Trimble
    1985 (55) DC Bandee-Britts Red Jinx W.S. RuddSteve Rudd
    1984 (47) FC Jaron's Brittany T. StewartTim Stewart
    1983 (46) DC Krissys Kaptain Kaycee P. BianchiJim Askins
    1982 (69) FC/AFC Gun-Runner's Far Out W. DierbergWilliam Dierberg
    1981 (54) DC/AFC Hi-Spirit Buck W. MontgomeryWarren Montgomery
    1980 (74) FC/AFC RJ's Brandy Sniffer R. MeyerRick Meyer
    1979 (83) FC The Real Thing C. HolthoffRick Meyer
    1978 (84) DC Hi-Spirit Buck W. MontgomeryWarren Montgomery
    1977 (67) FC Cindys Chief Tomahawk J.A. LewisWarren Butler
    1976 (73) DC Perry's Rustic Prince L. MayWarren Butler
    1975 (80) NAFC/DC/AFC Hello Dolly-Miss Kaer L. MayFrancis Clasen
    1974 (67) FC Hello Dolly-Miss Kaer L. MayFrancis Clasen
    1973 (72) FC Brandy's Bullet B. NorvellBill Norvell
    1972 (71) FC Colorado's Jumping Gypsy B. ClineBill Cline
    1971 (73) DC Char-Lee O'Dee F. ClasenFrancis Clasen
    1970 (72) NAFC/DC/AFC Gringro de Britt Tim PolingTim Poling
    1969 (75) FC Gringo de Britt T. PolingTim Poling
    1968 (68) FC Holliday Britts Ed N. CatheyNolen Cathey
    1967 (53) FC Little Ra Pa Luke E. CreeEdna Cree
    1966 (52) FC Towsey's Bub M. NelsonMarvin Nelson
    Winners ABC Amateur All-Age
    1965 (48) FC Rendezvous Skipper L.D. LaFleurL.D. LaFleur
    1964 (70) FC Tiger's Jocko J. MunsonJohn Munson
    1963 (54) FC Epper of Siouxland A. UtzingerAdolph Utzinger
    1962 (54) Ferd's Cannonball of Leeway J.W. LeeRuth Lee
    1961 (36) FC Jeff of Minnehaha R. CulbertRichard Culbert
    1960 (45) FC Gladwin Smokey A. GreerAmos Greer
    1959 (38) DC Belloak's King M. BellMarcelle Bell
    1958 (33) FC Ferdinand of Leeway J.W. LeeRuth Lee
    1957 (27) DC Saxon of Fredan F. WhiteFred White
    1956 (26) FC Ferdinand of Leeway J.W. LeeJohn W. Lee
    1955 (29) Holley Haven Dan W. SzubielakWilliam Szubielak
    1954 (16) DC Holley Haven Duchess H. HollyoakReid Troutman
    1953 (23) FC Belloak's Ginger M. BellMarcelle Bell
    1952 (24) Domino de Klemanor W.B. KleemanW.B. Kleeman
    1951 (14) Int. Ch. Diane de Beauch UD E.W. AverillE.W. Averill

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